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A proud member of the self governing Sports Club Council, the Badminton Club is a cohesive group of Cal Poly students who come together to play badminton for fun and to represent the school at all intercollegiate competitions. Throughout the year, the team meets several times a week to practice for competition within the Southern California Collegiate Badminton League (SCCBL) and various tournaments. Their goal is to share their love of the sport with the general populace that is generally misinformed about badminton. The team welcomes all players of any skill level. The Badminton team holds training and conditioning for beginners to advanced players, from how to hold a racket to opponent psycho-analysis. All necessary equipment such as nets, birdies, and rackets is provided. Open gym space is available two to three times a week during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter.

Team Website: Cal Poly Badminton Team (
Club Email:
Club Facebook: (


Vicky Hoang, President
Brian So, Treasurer


Ballroom Dance

The Cal Poly Ballroom Dance Club is a competitive Ballroom Dance team that represents Cal Poly at DanceSport competitions and other performances throughout the state. The club offers training classes, practice sessions, and other opportunities to learn proper Ballroom Dance technique and to advance your skill level in this exciting sport! We host an annual Mustang Ball Dance Competition during winter quarter.

Team Website: Cal Poly Ballroom Dance Club (
Club Facebook: (

Sadie Rhen, President
Cailyn Wolberg, Treasurer



Cal Poly Club Baseball is a newly formed team in the Club Sport program. The inaugural season began in January of 2010. CPCB competes regionally and nationally, as members of the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA). The regular season takes place from February to May with non-league games occurring in the Fall and early Winter. The competition consists of teams throughout California, as a member of the Southern Pacific – West conference, which includes UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Merced. CPCB also competes in non-conference games against teams like UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, Cal Lutheran, and University of Arizona. Membership consists of 20-30 players per season. Tryouts are held within the first two weeks of the school year. The Club Baseball team is looking for players that have played at a high level throughout high school or in junior college. Check the website or send an email for more information.

Club Email Address: Cal Poly Club Baseball (
Team Website: Cal Poly Club Baseball (
League Website: National Club Baseball Association (
Club Twitter: @CPCB_mustangs (

Chase Proctor, President
Nick Santiago, Treasurer


Men's Basketball

Cal Poly Club Basketball is an organization for competitive players to continue their love for the game past the high school level. The club travels to schools to play games on weekends, alternately hosting games on other weekends. Our two biggest events of the year are the NIRSA Regionals and NIRSA Nationals tournaments. 


Chad Hartman, President
Collin Spence, Treasurer

Women's Basketball

Women’s Club Basketball is a team made up of many unique and talented individuals with previous basketball experience. It provides the special opportunity for women to participate in a competitive and organized sport at an elite level. The club allows members to grow as individual players as well as together as a team. Our team success is achieved through our commitment to work together and have fun. We travel to tournaments at other schools as well as host some at Cal Poly each year. Our main event is the NIRSA Regionals in Winter quarter.

Club Email Address: Cal Poly Women's Club Basketball (

Hannah Brunner-Gaydos, President
Morgan Giacobazzi, Treasurer





Team Website: Cal Poly Badminton Team (
Club Email:
Club Facebook: (


Joey Paglia, President
Christian Low, Treasurer


Cycling Club

Cal Poly Cycling is both a social and competitive organization, for those interested in joining a collection of like-minded individuals. Our members, who join 100-150 annual participants, engage in exploration, weekly ride options, racing, socials, and community events. Through the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference, mountain racing extends from September-November, while road racing occurs from February-May. To join Cal Poly Cycling, no experience is needed. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Team Email: USA Cycling (
Team Website: Cal Poly Cycling (
National Website: USA Cycling (

Quinn Tirpak, President
Jackson Daubner, Treasurer


Distance Club (Cross Country and Track)

Our mission for the Cal Poly Distance Club is to offer enjoyable running for everybody on campus. No matter what ability level, current endurance, or time commitment, we welcome any, and every runner at Cal Poly to join. Our top competitive athletes train everyday, and year-round. We also encourage beginning runners to come out and try the sport.

We compete in cross country from September to December in open and National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) races. We also compete in long-distance track from March to May in open and National Club Track and Field Association Races (NCTFA).

Team Website: CP Distance Club (
National Websites:
  National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (
  National Club Track and Field Association (
Club Facebook: (

Gabriella Alvarez, President
Sam Nishi, Treasurer



En garde! The Fencing Club offers both men and women members the opportunity to learn the art of modern swordplay. The club provides instruction in the three different fencing weapons: foil, epee, and sabre. Competitive club members compete year round. The Cal Poly Fencing Team has been one of the top competitors in collegiate and USFA tournaments in California. In addition to competitive pursuits, the Cal Poly Fencing Team is dedicated to introducing new people of all ages to our sport and teaching them what it means to be a fencer.

Club Email: Cal Poly Fencing (
Team Website: Cal Poly Fencing (
League Website: Northern California Intercollegiate Fencing League (!forum/ncifl)
National Website: USA Fencing (
Club Facebook:(

Michael Argyris, President
Kedwin Chen, Treasurer


Field Hockey

The Cal Poly Field Hockey team provides students an opportunity to continue playing field hockey at a collegiate level. The regular competitive season runs from the beginning of Fall quarter until late November. Try-outs for the team are held during WOW. The team also competes in several tournaments in California and Arizona in the winter and spring. The team practices in Fall and Spring quarters for 5 days a week.

Cal Poly Field Hockey competes as a member of the Western Collegiate Field Hockey Conference, competing against UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, Chico State, Santa Clara, Claremont, UC San Diego, and USC. Cal Poly took the WCFHC Conference Title in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008 and took second place in 2007 and 2009. Cal Poly took first place at Cal Cup, an international field hockey tournament, in 2008 and second place in 2009. In 2010, Cal Poly took the National title in Santa Barbara, finishing the season with an undefeated record. The team continues to excel and enjoys playing field hockey whenever possible.

Team Website: Cal Poly Field Hockey (
League Website: Western Collegiate Field Hockey Conference (
National Website: USA Field Hockey (
Club Facebook: USA Field Hockey (

Sam Baker, President
Lindsey Henry, Treasurer



The Cal Poly Club Golf team is an organization inclusive to all Cal Poly students of all skill levels. There are no qualifications or tryouts to become a member. Members of Club Golf are entitled to benefits at local San Luis Obispo county golf courses, which provides members the opportunity to go to a local golf course on their own schedule. Club Golf also provides members an opportunity to participate in tournaments and compete collegiately against other universities in-state as well as around the country. Most importantly, we host occasional team events on and off the golf course to fundraise for the team and to further connect the Club Golf family. For more information or questions, please contact us via email.

Team Website:,san-luis-obispo-club-golf
Club Email:
Club Facebook: (


Brandon Bone, President
Cami Dozois, Treasurer


Men's Lacrosse

Men's Lacrosse has been active for 17 years and has approximately 40 members each season. The club competes in the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL) Division 1 against clubs such as UCLA, Davis, Stanford, and Berkeley and are competitive nationally. Currently, the Men's Lacrosse team is ranked 21st in the nation.

Club Website: Cal Poly Lacrosse (
League Website: Western Collegiate Lacrosse League (
National Website: Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (
Club Facebook: Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (

Anthony Epshteyn, President
Ethan Norman, Treasurer


Women's Lacrosse

The Women's Lacrosse club was established in 1991 and has two clubs which compete in Divisions 1 and 2 of the Western Women's Lacrosse League (WWLL) competing against other sport clubs and NCAA teams. This past season, the team placed second in the nation, making it the tenth year in the row that Cal Poly Women's Lacrosse earned a spot in the National Championship tournament.

Club Email: Cal Poly Women's Lacrosse (
Team Website: Cal Poly Women's Lacrosse (
League Website: Western Women's Lacrosse League (
National League Website: US Lacrosse(
Club Facebook: US Lacrosse(

Avery Knight and Juliann Carroll, Presidents
Samantha Marcon, Treasurer


Roller Hockey

The Cal Poly Men's Roller Hockey Club was founded in 1993 and has been competing in the highly competitive Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League (W.C.R.H.L.) since 1995. Since then, they have won 4 Regional titles, including the 2003-2004 season, and have competed in the National Championship nearly every season, including the 2009-2010 season. The Club consists of three teams; two B-teams and a Division 1 A-team. Tryouts are held the first weekend of fall quarter and the season lasts until spring. Although there is no rink on campus, the teams travel to nearby Santa Maria for practices. As the sport continues to rapidly grow, Cal Poly Roller Hockey is consistently near the top.

Club Website: Cal Poly Roller Hockey Club (
League Website: Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League (
National Website: National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (
Club Facebook: National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (

Daniel Kumata, President
Vincent Leuze, Treasurer



The Cal Poly Rugby team provides athletes with a competitive environment that requires physical conditioning and discipline. Membership numbers range from 75 to 100 athletes each year. The Rugby team consistently finishes their competitive season as a Nationally-ranked top 10 team, bringing national and international attention to the University. Pre-season training runs September through December, giving the team a chance to develop student-athletes through a limited number of games and a comprehensive program of skills, strength, and conditioning. League season begins in January and runs until the end of May.

The Cal Poly Rugby team competes in the Southern California Rugby Football Union and is one of eight teams in the Pacific Coast division of USA Rugby's College Division I Premier League. This league is comprised of only 32 teams from across the nation, creating 4 regions that include colleges like Cal, BYU, Army, Navy, Air Force, and San Diego State.

Off of the field, the Rugby team proudly graduates 100% of athletes who are a part of the program for their entire academic career at Cal Poly, developing industry leaders for when their sporting careers have finished.

Club Website: Cal Poly Rugby (
League Website: Southern California Rugby Football Union (
National Website: USA Rugby (
Club Facebook: USA Rugby (

Connor Miller, President
Nico Thayer, Treasurer



The Cal Poly Sailing team is a competitive Club Sport team at Cal Poly and stands as one of the school's oldest in existence. The team competes in regattas sanctioned by the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America. The Sailing team competes in the Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference against schools from up and down the West Coast. The teams that they compete against in regular season regattas include Hawaii, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC. Their competitive season, which is made up of 5 ranked regattas, takes place mostly during the Winter Quarter, but the team participates in as many off-season regattas as possible. The team is highly committed to excelling in their division and practice at least twice a week, year-round.

Team Email: Cal Poly Sailing Team (
Team Website: Cal Poly Sailing Team (
League Website: Pacific Coast Collegiate Sailing Conference (
National League Website: Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America (
Team Facebook: Cal Poly Sailing Team (

Hunter Helfgott, President
Jack Kelly, Treasurer


Men's Soccer

The Cal Poly Men's Soccer Club has grown into one of the top college club soccer programs in the Nation. The team recently finished 2nd in the California League and competing in the NCCS Championships in Phoenix, AZ. The program includes 2 teams, and is comprised of over 50 student-athletes. Both teams compete in the West Coast Soccer Association against teams from Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and USC.

Team Email: Cal Poly Men's Soccer Club (
Team Website: Cal Poly Men's Soccer Club (
League Website: West Coast Soccer Association (
Team Facebook: Cal Poly Men's Soccer Club (

Jack Newton, President
Brian Finger, Treasurer


Women's Soccer (Cal Poly Futbol Club)

Founded in 2009, Cal Poly FC (CPFC) has since become one of the top college club soccer programs in the Nation. CPFC is made up of over 25 dedicated student-athletes, who all strive to play soccer at the most competitive level possible, while still balancing the demands of school. Our program is entirely student-run and participates as a member of the Dean of Students program through Cal Poly. We practice three times a week starting in Fall to the end of Spring quarter. To be part of this team, one must be committed to all practices, games and related events, however we do have a “school comes first” philosophy.

Club Website: Cal Poly Women's Soccer Club (
League Website: West Coast Soccer Association (
Club Facebook: Cal Poly Women's Soccer Club (

Melissa Chin, President
Danielle Warmerdam, Treasurer



As good, big waves litter the coastline of Central California, it is no surprise that Cal Poly is home to an excellent group of student surfers. Comprised of both men and women who either short-board or long-board, the surf team competes against 20 other California universities over the course of five surf contests. Between November and March, the team travels about once a month to beaches like Black's Beach in San Diego, C Street in Ventura, and Trestle's in San Clemente to surf in contests. Surfers score points for our team by impressing the judges and advancing through an array of playoff-style brackets. The Surf team competes in the Southwest College Division of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) with schools like UCSB and San Diego State.

National League Website: National Scholastic Surfing Association (
Club Facebook: National Scholastic Surfing Association (

Avalon Johnson, President
Connor Macleod, Treasurer



Team Website: Cal Poly Badminton Team (
Club Email:
Club Facebook: (


Kyle Vu, President
David Webster, Treasurer



The Cal Poly Club Tennis Team is a co-ed, student-run team under the USTA's Tennis on Campus program. Our goal is to give tennis players more opportunities for competitive play against other universities. We have tryouts in the beginning of the school year, practice 3-4 times per week, and travel to tournaments once or twice a month. Tennis on Campus uses the World Team Tennis format, which involves one set of men's singles and doubles, women's singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. Our team competes towards a National Championship in April, so we play almost all year.

Team Website: Cal Poly Tennis Club (
National League Website: USTA Tennis On Campus (

Olivia Madison, President
Nick St. John, President



The Cal Poly Triathlon Club is a community of over 130 student-athletes. The club welcomes all interested individuals, regardless of prior experience in the sport.

Team Website: CP Triathlon (
Conference Website: West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (
League Website: Team USA(
National Website: USA Triathlon (
Team Facebook: CP Triathlon (

Mitch Fisher, President
Austin Hartman, Treasurer


Men's Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport played with seven players per team. SLOCORE represents Cal Poly and plays in the Southwest Region. Ultimate Frisbee is about sportsmanship, the spirit of the game, and competition. After finishing 17th in the nation last year, we are striving to go to nationals again, compete for the championship, and have fun while doing so. 

Club Email: SLO CORE Ultimate (
Club Website: SLO CORE Ultimate (
National League Website: USA Ultimate (
Club Facebook: SLO CORE Ultimate (

Matt Ryan, President
Morgan Sommer, Treasurer


Women's Ultimate Frisbee

The Women's Ultimate Frisbee club team travels and competes in tournaments throughout California against other college club teams such as UCSB, UCLA, and UCSC and more. Tournaments begin in November and run through May. They compete in 2-3 tournaments per quarter including the USA Ultimate southwestern regional tournament. Practices are held three times a week and no experience is necessary.

Team Email: CP SLO Motion (
Team Website: CP SLO Motion (
National League Website: USA Ultimate (
Team Email: CP SLO Motion (

Molly Cluff, President
Laura Lodolo, Treasurer


Men's Volleyball

The Men's Volleyball team competes as a part of the Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League. The season begins in winter and culminates in April with the Image PropertiesNational Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF) Championship tournament. Practices are held two to three times per week with try-outs in Fall quarter. The club is composed of two teams and approximately twenty five total members.

Team Email: Cal Poly Men's Volleyball Club (>
Team Website: Cal Poly Men's Volleyball Club (>
League Website: Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League (
National League Website: National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (

Kevin Hornbeak, President
Alex Cheng, Treasurer


Women's Volleyball

The Cal Poly Women's Volleyball club offers intercollegiate competition at the club volleyball level. The club was founded so that Cal Poly female athletes who love volleyball can compete at a club level while still achieving academic success as full time students.

The club competes in the Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League during months of January, February, and March with two strong teams representing Cal Poly. Tryouts, practices, and tournaments are held during the season as before winter quarter begins.

The Women's Volleyball club is now back to back national champions of the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation's National Championship.

League Website: Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League (
National League Website: National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (
Team Website: Cal Poly Women's Volleyball Club (>
Team Facebook: Cal Poly Women's Volleyball Club (

Kaylee Arthur, President
Agata Rubis, Treasurer


Men's Water Polo

The Cal Poly Men's Water Polo Club is consistently ranked nationally every year. They are five-time National Champions and look to continue with that tradition. Club members practice and perform at a competitive collegiate level. The team consistently has several players who are nationally recognized and awarded All-American honors. The season begins at the start of September and ends in the middle of November. Last season, the Men's Water Polo team was awarded Team of the Decade honors by the Collegiate Water Polo Association.

Team Website: Cal Poly Men's Water Polo (
National League Website: Collegiate Water Polo Association (
Team Facebook: Cal Poly Men's Water Polo (

Harrison Woods, President
Joey Secard, Treasurer


Women's Water Polo

The program has established itself as one of the leading club water polo teams in the nation. Unique in its catering to all ability levels, the team takes pride in the camaraderie and sportsmanship it demonstrates each year. The hard work and determination the players put in pays off:

In spring of 2010, the Cal Poly Women's Water Polo team won its third consecutive Women's National Collegiate Club Water Polo National Championship. The team has also held the title of Pacific Coast Division champions for 7 years. Along with the Men's Water Polo team, the women were named Team of the Decade by the Collegiate Water Polo Association.

Club Website: Cal Poly Women's Water Polo
Team Website: Cal Poly Women's Water Polo (
National League Website: Collegiate Water Polo Association (
Club Facebook:

Kayla Iles, President
Meagan Vail, Treasurer


Water Ski

The Cal Poly Water Ski Team's purpose is to provide students with access to competitive water skiing, practice, and coaching in slalom, trick and jump. Tournaments provide fun opportunities to meet other skiers from schools throughout the west coast, while skiing at world-class sites. Cal Poly is a part of the Western conference and ranked 6th place for the 2013 season. Tournaments are sanctioned by the National Collegiate Water Ski Association. We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Website: Cal Poly Water Ski Team (
League Website: National Collegiate Water Ski Association (
Team Facebook: Cal Poly Water Ski Team (

Miles Lussi, President
Matt Rowen, Treasurer


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