Club Roster

If you are renewing your charter, submit a printed copy of your previous year's roster of club members to ASI Club Services with your signed charter.

Download the Roster Template (Excel document).

A charter renewal without a roster containing member names and email addresses will not be accepted.

Club Roster FAQs

Why is Cal Poly requiring a roster?

Cal Poly must comply with CSU Executive Order (EO) 1068 and Campus Administrative Policy (CAP) 620. Both specify that clubs, properly known as Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs),

  1. have a minimum number of members (in Cal Poly's case, the minimum number is five).
  2. be comprised of enrolled students (in Cal Poly's case, 100% of club membership must be matriculated Cal Poly students).

To verify alignment with these requirements, Cal Poly is requiring clubs that are renewing their charter also submit a roster of membership from the last academic year.

Why is Cal Poly asking for email addresses of the club members on the roster?

Because there are several Cal Poly students with similar names, a unique identifier is necessary. While a student will possess several unique identifiers, the most likely one available to a club officer is the student’s email. It is not required that it be the student’s Cal Poly email address. Gmail and other email addresses are fine. As always, student information is private and protected by federal law.

What members do we include if our list of active members has fluctuated throughout the year?

We understand that club membership fluctuates for many clubs. If possible, please share all students who have served as active members throughout the year, including those who are no longer active.

Should we include names of students who have already graduated?

Yes, please include all active members from the current year, including those who graduated in winter or will graduate in June. 

Why is Cal Poly requesting roster information from the previous year instead of this current year?

Submitting club member information at the close of an academic year will allow a club to submit the most accurate depiction of their membership. For many clubs, membership can fluctuate throughout the year; it would be unrealistic to expect club officers to accurately predict membership for the upcoming year prior to renewing their charter.

What if our club has less than five members?

If your RSO does not have five members for the past academic year, submit your charter with the members your RSO does have. You may expect to be contacted to discuss strategies for boosting member enrollment for your club.

Can we request access to club roster information that has been submitted to ASI Club Services?

Unfortunately not. Student information is protected by federal law and cannot be shared.

Who will have access to club member identity information?

ASI Club Services, the Dean of Students Office, and University Development.

What if our club contains members who do not wish that Cal Poly is aware of their membership status?

This is a valid question that requires a more personalized discussion than a web page format allows. Please contact:

Chip Neuenschwander, Assistant Director, Clubs and Organizations:

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