Forms & Resources


Request for a cal poly e-mail/web page

To request a email account and/or a webpage for your club


Cal Poly Club Bylaw Amendment Request Form

To change club name or make an amendment to club bylaws

Cal Poly Club Bylaws Template (Word Document Download)

Mandatory template to create club bylaws

Cal Poly Club Council Bylaws Template

Mandatory template to create college club council bylaws

Event Planning

Food Permit

Application for Health Permit for temporary food facility


Advisor Memo

To be used when club advisor must explain out of the ordinary circumstances surrounding the use of club funds (lost receipt, partial payment/reimbursement, scholarship etc)

Cash/Securities Gift Information

To document donor information for cash/check donations made to a club. A separate form must accompany each donation submitted to ASI Club Services for processing.

Club Payment Request Form

To pay a vendor or reimburse someone who has made a purchase for the club.

Gift in Kind Acceptance

To record material items donated to a club. A separate form must be submitted for each donation.

IRS Form W-9

Tax payer identification form must be submitted with PRF’s to pay someone for a service provided to the club

PayPal Button Request

To request a PayPal button for club dues, event registration or sponsorships (donations and merchandize sales are not allowed)

Request to Use the Cal Poly Name Form

This form must be submitted to receive approval any time a club will print the Cal Poly name, marks, logo on any product (shirts, stickers, hats etc)

Tax ID Request

This form must be submitted in order to obtain the Cal Poly tax ID number to be issued to a donor that has requested this information as a condition of support/donation


ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship Procedures and Application

Application for up to $1,650.00 in funds allocated to clubs through ASI Student Government for the purpose of assisting with up to 50% of the costs associated with hosting an event.

ASI Club Event Insurance Application

Application for funding made available by ASI Student Government to assist with the expense to procure special event insurance.

ASI Club Sponsorship Procedures and Application

Application for $500 in funding made available by ASI Student Government to support general club operation expenses

ASI Club Sport Funding Allocation Request

Application for Club Sports Council to apply for annual funding made available by ASI Student Government

ASI Club Sport Funding Annual Report

This report is to be completed by the Club Sports Council annually and submitted to the ASI Chair of the Board by the last ASI Board of Director’s meeting of the academic year.

ASI Club Sport Funding Procedures

ASI Club Sports Funding policy and procedures

ASI College Club Council Funding Procedures and Applications

Application for college club councils to apply for funding made available by ASI Student Government

New Student Organization

Petition for University Recognition

Application for new student club


Cal Poly RSO Handbook

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