Payment Methods

Financial Processes

Club Accounts

All clubs, with the exception of Independent Student Organizations (ISOs), have an on-campus financial account managed by ASI. ASI works with Chase bank to maintain club accounts. University policy requires that clubs deposit all funds with ASI. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the integrity of the funds from year to year. Financial statements, donations, and all check and purchase order requests are processed by ASI Club Services.

Clubs are not permitted to have off-campus bank accounts. Clubs found to have off-campus bank accounts are subject to disciplinary action. Requests for checks or transfers to any club account held off-campus will not be processed.

Depositing Funds into a Club Account

To deposit non-donation money into a club account, an officer listed on the current charter must complete the appropriate deposit slip and then go to the Chase bank branch located on the first floor of the University Union. General members cannot deposit on behalf of the club. Deposits are accepted at Chase Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 2p.m., unless otherwise posted. The Cal Poly Chase bank branch is the only Chase bank branch that accepts club deposits.

Refer to the “Gift and Donation Processing” section for appropriate donation processing procedures.

Separation of Duties

No single person should have complete control over the entire process of receiving funds, preparing the bank deposit, and verifying the deposit. Separation of duties must be maintained when cash is received and processed. Separation of Duties requires that two or more qualified and authorized persons are involved in the process of collecting, handling, depositing, and accounting for all cash/check transactions. The person collecting money, issuing receipts, and preparing the deposit should be someone other than the person verifying the deposit.

Preparing Deposits

  • Accountability for and documentation of cash and checks must be maintained when preparing club deposits. The validation and preparation of deposits should be done in a non-public, safe, and secure location. A report of cash collections signed by the preparer should be kept for the club’s records.

  • Deposits should be made the same day as collected if possible or as soon as possible if not (i.e., the next business day).

  • Deposit slips can be found at the ASI Club Services self-service ‘Club Hub’ or at the Cal Poly branch of Chase bank and should be completed prior to approaching a bank teller. Amounts should be filled in by denomination along with the club’s name and account number.

  • For cash, place like bills together (i.e., all $1 bills together, all $5 bills together, etc.) and roll coins in coin wrappers if appropriate. 

  • For checks, make copies of all checks for the club’s records. Sort checks by dollar amount. Stamp all checks prior to making a deposit. ASI Club Services and Chase bank have an endorsement stamp available for club use.

  • Depositors are required to stay with the teller during the entire deposit process. After making a deposit, the club should retain the yellow copy of the deposit slip.

Physical Security

All cash and checks should be physically protected from loss at all times, locked in a secure receptacle. If the club will be depositing large sums of money (e.g., over $2,000), it is highly recommended that two officers accompany the deposit for security reasons. University Police are available to escort an officer making a deposit as well.

Depositing Checks

All checks for deposit must have:

  • The club as the payee and not be altered.
  • A date within the last six months.
  • A legible and consistent amount, both numeric and written.
  • A proper account holder signature (authorized signer).
  • Printed (not handwritten) name, address and check numbers.
  • Two or less corrections, initialed by the signer.

There are two types of club deposit slips:

General Club Deposit

General Club Funds are deposited using the General Club Deposit Slip.

Select the appropriate deposit type:

  • Dues/membership
  • Club member activities
  • Sponsorship/support (not including donations)
  • Industry networking (such as showcases and career fairs)

Fundraiser Deposit

Any fundraising activity proceeds should be deposited into the club account using the Fundraiser Deposit Slip.



Returned Checks

If a deposited check is returned from the bank due to insufficient funds (i.e., “bounced”), stop payment, stale check, or any other reason, the ASI Business Office sends a collection letter to the individual who wrote the returned check. The letter states that the amount of the check plus a collection fee of $5 plus current bank fees for returned items must be paid in the form of cash, money order, or cashier’s check. If the check writer approaches an officer to make payment, the individual should be directed by the officer to the ASI Business Office to make the payment. ASI Club Services will not be able to track payments or record the transaction accurately if done otherwise.

Although the club is initially responsible for all fees and penalties assessed as a result of the returned check, the fees will be reimbursed once collection has occurred. Chase bank currently charges $25.00 per returned check and the original check amount is reversed from the deposit. Returned check fees may change without notice. ASI charges an additional $5.00 for collection activities. The amount of the check and associated fees will be deducted from the club’s account. The funds will be credited back to the club account only when/if payment (including bank and collection fees) is received on the returned check.

Availability of Funds

There may be a five-to-seven business day delay between the deposit of funds at Chase bank and the posting of the deposit to the club account. If immediate access to deposited funds is needed, speak to ASI Club Services for available options.

Deposits cannot be made by providing credit card information to ASI Club Services or Chase bank for processing.

Clubs interested in accepting credit card payments will be required to utilize the ASI PayPal acount. To receive a PayPal button next to your club name on the online Club Directory, please complete the PayPal Button Request form. All requests to receive a PayPal button must be submitted 14 days in advance to allow for processing.

Note: PayPal imposes a fee for this service (currently $.30 and 2.9% per transaction) and this fee will be passed on to the club. Merchandise cannot be sold via a PayPal button. Donations cannot be received through a PayPal button. Donors must utilize if they wish to donate using their credit card. University Administrative fees will apply.

PayPal Buttons

PayPal buttons are created from the ASI – Cal Poly account on behalf of the approved organization. Copying or republishing PayPal button code for use elsewhere is not permitted. Examples of use for the PayPal button includes club dues, membership fees, event registration, and club sponsorships.

Obtaining Funds from a University Department or Entity

ASI will provide invoicing services to clubs in order to obtain funds from an on-campus state department or entity. The university requires clubs to submit supporting paperwork documenting actual expenses for events, with an ASI invoice. To request an invoice, submit back-up documentation to ASI Club Services (e.g., email authorization, Purchase Order received by the club, event registration forms). As soon as the ASI invoice is created (approximately 7 business days), the reimbursement amount will appear on the club's transaction report. However, this does not mean that the invoice has been paid. To confirm that the invoice has been paid, contact ASI Club Services. Note: Product sales and services cannot be invoiced due to labor laws and sales tax regulations.

Withdrawing Funds from an Account – Club Payment Request Form (PRF)

Clubs may use club funds to pay invoices and reimburse members by filling out a Club PRF. A Club PRF is a form to request that funds be paid to a person, business, or other clubs (in the form of a check or transfer) or reserved in the club’s account (through a Purchase Order) to ensure payment to a vendor or service provider at a later date. This form requires both an advisor and officer signature, which is verified from the current charter. The officer signature must be different than the payee. If the Club PRF is submitted with all required information, signatures and supporting documentation, the payment will be available for pick-up within five to seven business days. Payments can be picked up during ASI Club Services business hours.

Club Deposits

To deposit funds into your club account, fill out a deposit slip. (Deposit slips can be found in the Club Hub area of ASI Club Services, UU 203)

Be sure to fill out the areas highlighted on the example below. Then, a club officer can bring the deposit slip along with any cash and/or checks downstairs to CHASE Bank.

CHASE Bank, Cal Poly Branch hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm, Sunday CLOSED

Club deposits will show up on your club's transaction report 5-7 business days after the deposit has been made.

Remember: Donations in cash/check must be made at the front counter of ASI Clubs Services and must be accompanied by the cash/securities donation form.

Checks must be made out as follows:

  • ASI-Cal Poly, Clubs
  • Cal Poly

If the check is made payable to Cal Poly, additional time is needed to obtain endorsement and funds will not be immediately available.

NOTE: The Club name should be noted on the memo line, the check stub or with supporting documentation stating the funds are designated for your club.

Endorse the back of any checks with the stamp in the Club Hub.

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