Digital Submissions of Club Payment Request Forms (PRF)

Effective immediately, ASI Club Services will begin accepting digital PRF’s to ensure club members, advisors, and vendors can still be reimbursed for prior purchases and services rendered. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to the new process:

Step One:

Club member/officer fills out the PRF, including all of the required fields and collects the associated supporting documentation/receipts. Documentation/receipts may be scanned or photographed and attached to email.

PRF Form link

Step Two:

Completed PRF and documentation is emailed to a club officer with signing authority. Emails must be sent to officers via their Cal Poly approved email (@calpoly.edu). Officer with signing authority will review the PRF and supporting documentation. If approved, officer is to reply to the email stating “I approve.”

Step Three:

The signing officer will then forward the string of emails (including their approval) to the club advisor (using the advisor’s Cal Poly email address).

Step Four:

The advisor will review the PRF and supporting documentation. If approved, the advisor is to reply to the email stating “I approve” and then forward the entire email string to Trisha Sanchez, assistant coordinator – Club Services (asiclubservices@calpoly.edu).

Step Five:

ASI Club Services staff will review the document and supporting documentation, check club balances, etc. and route to the necessary university personnel for final approval and processing.

Please note, this process is dependent on the university maintaining operations and processing club checks. If this process is interrupted due to a close of business, clubs will be notified. Please anticipate a minimum 2-week turnaround for all club reimbursements and payments.

Club Deposits

The University Union Chase Bank is closed until further notice. Club deposits can be made at the Chase Bank located at 1235 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo. To deposit funds, complete a club deposit form and properly endorsed checks. The Chorro Bank location has club deposit slips available for use. Hours of operation for this location are:

  • Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

For more info on Club Deposits, visit the Payment Methods page.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

In an effort to ensure reimbursements can be processed in a timely manner, we strongly encourage all club officers and advisors to complete a Direct Deposit Application. Once completed, please sign as the ‘authorized enrollee.’

With the application, please include one of the following:

  • A photo or scan of a check with ‘VOID’ written across the check, or
  • A copy of your bank’s direct deposit info showing the routing and checking or savings account number (found within your online banking page).

Please email the completed application and back-up documentation to asiclubservices@calpoly.edu. Once set up, an email will be sent on the day the reimbursement is processed notifying that funds were sent to the indicated bank.

More info on PRFs

Clubs do not have access to cash but instead, they may use club funds to pay invoices and reimburse club members by filling out a Club Payment Request Form (PRF). The Club PRF is a form to request that funds be either:

  1. Paid to a person, business or other club (in the form of a check or transfer)
  2. Or reserved in the club’s account (through a PO: Purchase Order) to ensure payment to a vendor or service provider at a later date.

PRF Form link

Purchase Information

Here are answers to many of the most common questions about payments, reimbursements, and more.

Club PRF Guidelines

The Payment Request Form requires both an advisor and officer signature, which is verified from the current Charter. The officer signature must be different than the payee. If the Club PRF is submitted with all required information, signature and supporting documentation, the payment will be available for pick-up within five to seven business days. Payments can be picked during ASI Club Service business hours.

  • The purchase of prepaid credit cards or gift cards for vendors who sell alcohol (e.g., grocery stores, restaurants) cannot be reimbursed. Since items bought with a prepaid credit card or gift card cannot be tracked, there is no way to ensure alcohol was not purchased.

  • Payment Request Forms cannot be used to request petty cash. Petty cash is not available to clubs.

  • Club members cannot sign Club PRFs to reimburse themselves. Another officer with financial authorization must sign the Club PRF for checks and balances purposes.

  • The following information must be included on all Club PRF’s:

    • Payee name.
    • Payee mailing address (regardless of whether the check is being mailed or held for pick up).
    • Payee phone number.
    • Payee Cal Poly email address (if applicable).
  • The payee listed on the back-up documentation must match the name of the payee on the Club PRF. Reimbursements can only be made to the person that paid for the expenses. If the payee listed on the Club PRF and the name on the receipts does not match, the club advisor will be required to provide an explanation of the situation prior to the Club PRF being processed. The advisor explanation does not guarantee approval of the Club PRF.
  • Reimbursements for pre-payment items cannot be processed before the product/service has been received, unless otherwise stated in a fully executed contract. If prepayment is required, clubs must follow the Purchase Order guidelines.
  • Clubs will be required to include the payee’s Cal Poly email address (if applicable) on all Club PRFs. If an email address is not provided, and cannot be confirmed by ASI Club Services, the Club PRF will be returned to the club’s mailbox.
    • If the payee is not affiliated with the university, clubs must write “n/a” in the space provided for the Cal Poly email address.
  • “White out” correction fluid (e.g., White-Out, Liquid Paper) may not be used on Club PRFs since ASI Club Services cannot verify when it was used (i.e., before or after signatures). Club PRFs submitted with “white out” will returned to the club to be redone. If changes are necessary, follow these steps:
    • Draw a single line through the incorrect information and have the club officer initial next to it.
    • Write the correct information on the form.
    • The correct information must be initialed by the advisor prior to submitting to ASI Club Services.
  • Please note that if your club has received ASI Club, Event Co-Sponsorship or College Club Council funding, any payments processed through a PRF will utilize those funds until they are fully allocated.
  • The Club PRF includes an additional question pertaining to the use of the use of Cal Poly’s marks.
    • This checkbox informs ASI Club Services whether or not any merchandise being reimbursed or paid for uses the Cal Poly name, logos, marks, and/or symbols. If you select “yes,” the approved copy of the Request to Use the Cal Poly Name/Marks form must be attached to the Club PRF in order to be processed. If you select “no,” this indicates that the organization has not used the Cal Poly name, logos, marks, and/or symbols on the items being paid/reimbursed for. If this checkbox is left blank and the back-up documentation shows that merchandise using the Cal Poly name, logo or any marks has been purchased, the Club PRF will not be processed and will be returned to the organization’s mailbox.

Note: Failure to use a properly-licensed vendor or failure to get approval when purchasing merchandise using Cal Poly marks may lead to suspended privileges, the vendor not being paid, and/or not receiving reimbursement.

Note: Every year, the Club PRF is updated. The most current form can be found on the Clubs Forms and Policies section of the ASI Cal Poly website. Failure to use the most recent form could result in the Club PRF being returned.

PRFs for Invoices, Scholarships, Awards, etc.

Payment Request Form for Invoices

When paying a company directly based on an invoice, the following documentation must be submitted with your Club PRF:

  • Original invoice from company detailing:
    • Company name and contact information
    • Invoice date
    • Item(s) and/or service(s) purchased
    • Amount owed
  • IRS Form W-9 (A vendor’s W-9 must be on file with ASI Club Services in order to issue payment. Contact ASI Club Services to see if a W-9 is needed from your vendor or if one is already on file.)

Note: Supporting documentation must state that it is an invoice (i.e., it cannot state that it is an estimate, quote, statement, etc.). If the documentation states that it is an estimate or quote, ASI Club Services will only issue a Purchase Order.

Invoices from On-Campus Vendors

Once ASI Club Services receives an invoice from the campus vendor/service provider, we will email the club informing them of the amount of the charge. If the club does not contact ASI Club Services to dispute the amount within five business days, the invoice will be paid and the amount will be removed from their account.

Invoices from Off-Campus Vendors

If ASI Club Services receives an invoice in the mail from an off-campus vendor and the club does not have a Purchase Order on file, the invoice will be placed in the club’s mailbox. The club must then complete a Club PRF and provide appropriate supporting documentation to pay the vendor (see the “Club PRFs for Invoices” section above).

Payment Request Form for Contracts

When paying based on a contract, the following documentation must be submitted with your Club PRF:

  • An approved contract signed by the appropriate vendor representative and club officer:
    • Payee contact information
    • Item(s) and/or service(s) being purchased
    • Payment terms as specified in the contract
    • Amount due as specified in the contract
    • IRS Form W-9 (A vendor’s W-9 must be on file with ASI Club Services in order to issue payment. Contact ASI Club Services to see if a W-9 is needed from your vendor or if one is already on file.)

Note: If the contract is for a service provided on campus, the contract must also be reviewed by the University.

Payment Request Form for Scholarships

When paying a Cal Poly student a scholarship, the Club PRF must be completed to include:

  • Make the Club PRF payable to "CPSU Financial Aid".

Back-up documentation for a scholarship must include:

  • Club name that is providing the scholarship
  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s CalPoly Employee ID# and CalPoly email address
  • Scholarship amount
  • A memo from the club advisor stating the reason for the scholarship and how the recipient was selected as well as supporting documentation.

Note: Whatever is stated on the advisor memo must also have appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., if the scholarship is for an essay contest, the club must provide a copy of the contest rules).

Submit the completed Club PRF to ASI Club Services. ASI Club Services will check the Club PRF for completeness and correct signatures. If complete, the Club PRF will be processed and a check will be sent to the Cal Poly Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid will either directly deposit the scholarship into the recipient’s account or a check will be mailed to the current mailing address on the recipient’s Cal Poly Portal. It takes approximately two to four week to process and distribute a scholarship.

Note: When paying a non-Cal Poly student a scholarship, please see ASI Club services as this process is different.

Payment Request Forms for Awards

If the club will be distributing money as an award from the club (e.g., cash prize), follow the directions below.

  • Complete the Club PRF.
    • If the recipient is a student, make the Club PRF payable to "CPSU Financial Aid". Include the student’s Cal Poly email address. Address the Club PRF to (Payee Street Address) Administration Bldg. 131 E.
    • If the recipient is not a student, make it payable to: Payee Name (the recipient receiving the award) including their address and phone number.
  • Submit the following back-up documentation:
    • A completed IRS Form W-9 for the award recipient
    • A memo from the club advisor explaining the award
    • Supporting documentation for the memo (i.e., anything listed in the memo must have supporting documentation)

Note: If the award is only passed through the club account and was awarded by an outside entity, the process is different. See ASI Club Services for assistance. 

Note: If an individual is awarded over $600.00 in a fiscal year, it is considered taxable income and must be reported to the IRS.

Payment Request Form for Donating Funds

Club funds can be donated to nonprofit organizations of the clubs choosing. To do so, complete a Club PRF. Under “Payee Name” put the nonprofit organization’s name, mailing address, contact phone number. Under “Description,” write “Donation”. Required back-up documentation is an advisor memo explaining why a donation is being made.

Payment Request Form for Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is an official, legal document that authorizes a vendor to deliver an ordered product or service and obligates payment once the product or service is received and invoiced. When a club submits a Purchase Order, this encumbers (or sets aside) the amount requested in the club’s account until the final invoice and payment authorization is received.

By having a Purchase Order on file it will ensure the club has sufficient funds in the club account to cover the expenses being requested. Most campus entities will require a Purchase Order from a club prior to providing any goods or services (unless the club has decided to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed after).

To request a Purchase Order, check the “Issue Purchase Order” box at the top of the Club PRF. Fill out the name, address, phone number and fax number of the vendor along with the necessary information. Required back-up documentation for a Purchase Order includes an IRS Form W-9 for the vendor, and a detailed estimate or quote of the purchase, including the anticipated total with expected shipping charges.

Note: ASI Club Services has frequently used vendor IRS Form W-9’s on file. However, if we do not have it, it is the club’s responsibility to obtain one from the vendor. Please inquire with ASI Club Services to verify if there is a W9 for your vendor on file.

Purchase Orders are processed within five to seven business days and will be faxed to the vendor. A copy of the Purchase Order will be placed in the club’s mailbox.

Upon receiving the final invoice from the vendor, ASI Club Services will contact the club to ensure that the items or services were received and that the amount (if over the original Purchase Order amount) is approved to pay. If the vendor sends the club the final invoice, it must be submitted to ASI Club Services in order for the vendor to receive final payment.

Club Payment Request Form for Transfers

Funds can be transferred from one club’s account to another by completing a Club PRF. Under “Payee Name,” put the club’s name and account number to which funds are being transferred. In this situation, it is not necessary to fill out the “Payee Street Address” section. Insert the paying club’s information under “Club Name” and “Account Number.” Under “Description,” write “Transfer” and include an explanation of why the transfer is necessary.

Back-up documentation for a transfer must include:

  • A signed memo from the advisor detailing:
    • Reason for the transfer
    • Amount to be transferred
    • Any other information that will help support the reason for the transfer (e.g., club transaction report, fliers, receipts, etc.).

Note: A transfer can only be done between clubs. Whatever is stated in the advisor memo must be proved with additional supporting documentation.

ASI Club Sponsorship funds cannot be transferred between clubs, contact ASI Club Services for exceptions: asiclubservices@calpoly.edu.

Payment Request Form Back-up Documentation

Payment Request Form Back-up Documentation

Every Club PRF submitted to ASI Club Services must have proper supporting documentation. Back-up documentation is required for auditing purposes and serves to protect the organization’s funds. The most common form of documentation is an original itemized sales receipt from a vendor. All members should save original receipts from transactions. Submission of a Club PRF without complete backup documentation will result in a delay of payment.

Any receipts submitted without proof of payment will not be reimbursed.

Lost receipts for cash purchases will not be reimbursed, even with an advisor memo.

Note: Do not highlight receipts as the receipt ink becomes unreadable. As an alternative to highlighting, please circle any items that you would like identified with an ink pen.

Payment Request Form for Reimbursement

Every PRF submitted to ASI Club Services must have proper supporting documentation attached:

  • Original itemized company receipt/invoice:
    • Lists the items purchased.
    • Receipt/invoice must show that payment was made via cash, check, or credit card.
    • Receipt/invoice must provide company name and contact information.
  • Original handwritten receipt/invoice:
    • Must have company name and contact information imprinted on the receipt.
    • Lists the items purchased.
    • Receipt/invoice must show that payment was made via cash, check, or credit card.
  • Online orders:
    • Print copy of the final receipt order with the payee name, listing items and costs.
    • Documentation must state that payment was made via cash, check, credit card and/or show the total amount paid or show a zero balance due.
  • Lost receipts will not be reimbursed.
  • All receipts must be legible in order to be processed. If a receipt is not legible, an individual in the organization will be required to contact the vendor/service provider to request a reprint of the receipt and attach it to the Club PRF along with the original illegible receipt.
    • Highlighting receipts can cause the ink to disappear over time.

Purchase Order Process

  • Complete a Club PRF to ‘issue Purchase Order’.
  • Attach the quote from your vendor (and W-9 If applicable).
  • Submit the Club PRF to ASI Club Services.
  • A PO will be faxed to your vendor to start the order.
  • Pick up or have your order delivered.
  • Submit the final invoice to ASI Club Services.
  • A check for payment will be sent to your vendor from your club funds.

Definition: Purchase Order (aka PO): A request to purchase goods/supplies with payment at a later date. Complete a Club PRF to ‘issue Purchase Order’

Lost receipt, scholarship, reimbursement, and other reasons to get an Advisor Memo

Use Advisor memo form if needed for any cases of lost receipt, hand-written receipt, un-itemized receipt, scholarship, partial payment/reimbursement, travel(no e-plan on file), honorarium, and other related concerns.

If you lost your receipt, you will need to have your advisor sign an Advisor Memo.

*Proof of payment (credit card/ bank statement) is also required. Lost receipts for cash payment will not be reimbursed. 

Reasons why you would need to attach an advisor memo to a PRF as back-up:

  • Lost Receipt
  • Hand-written Receipt
  • Un-itemized Receipt
  • Scholarship
  • Partial Payment/Reimbursement
  • Travel (no E-Plan on file)
  • Honorarium
  • Other

There are a couple of different options for an advisor memo:

  • Use the Advisor Memo template and attach it to the PRF.
  • Have the advisor email asiclubservices@calpoly.edu from his or her Cal Poly email address
  • Have the Advisor annotate the blank space of the PRF form and sign his or her name.

Club Balances

Verify that you have enough funds to cover the PRF.

A transaction report and current club account balance can be obtained from ASI Club Services via email or in person at the ASI Club Services desk in the University Union during regular hours of operation.

Sales Tax

Clubs must abide by sales tax reporting laws. California has a “sales and use tax,” which means that for all purchases, except for services, sales tax must be paid. If the vendor does not collect California sales tax from the purchaser, such as the case with out-of-state orders, ASI must assess the club for the tax that should have been collected by the vendor and remit it to the State Board of Equalization directly. Accounts Payable will determine if a sales tax reporting issue is present. This assessment may result in a different amount recorded for disbursements than originally requested.

The reimbursement to the individual will remain unchanged. However, the club will be debited the reimbursement amount plus applicable taxes. Tax is treated as an adjustment and the officers/advisor(s) are not normally notified about the adjustment. Such adjustments are viewable on the Transaction Reports which are available by request through ASI Club Services.

Another sales tax issue occurs when a club member pays out-of-pocket for club expenses and personal items on the same receipt. Be sure to include the appropriate sales tax to the reimbursement amount. Check the receipt for the appropriate sales tax rate since sales tax rates vary throughout California. ASI Club Services will adjust the sales tax if necessary. To simplify the payment process, members should be encouraged to keep club and personal purchases separate.

Tax Rates

As of April 2016, the following tax rates were in effect:
For items delivered to Cal Poly, the tax rate is 7.25%. (Cal Poly is not considered to be in the city limits of San Luis Obispo.)

For items picked up within the city of San Luis Obispo, the tax rate is 7.75%.

The tax rates for other cities and/or counties may vary. Please check receipts for the appropriate reimbursable tax rate. The sales and use tax rates by city and county can also be found on the California State Board of Equalization.

Renting Space or Equipment from ASI

If your club is reserving space or renting equipment from ASI, you will be made aware of the estimated expenses of your request (AV, set-up, equipment rental, etc.). Prior to the event, you will provide the ASI department you are working with the club’s account number.

After the event, ASI Club Services will send a notification email to the president and advisor with the charge amount and a description of the charge. It is your responsibility to respond to ASI Club Services if you do not approve payment of these charges. If a response is not received within five business days of notification, the bill will automatically be paid and the funds will be removed from the club’s account. The following ASI departments will charge back after the product or service has been received.

  • ASI Audio Visual
  • ASI Event Operations
  • ASI Recreational Sports/Sports Complex
  • Poly Escapes

Note: ASI processes billing the first of each month. As a result, you will receive notice of your invoice the first week of the month following your event.


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