Officer/Advisor Change

New Officer (President, Treasurer, or Advisor)

Club members may replace a single officer position without forcing the others to unnecessarily redo their training.

Step 1: Take the online training.

First, the new officer or advisor must complete the online training. Visit the Club Training page for links to the training for the president, treasurer, and advisor.

Step 2: Email ASI Club Services -

Once the training is complete, the club must contact ASI Club Services to request a Replace Charter form and provide the name(s) and position(s) of the new officer(s)/advisor(s).

Step 3: E-Sign the Adobe Sign copy of the charter.

Once ASI Club Services is notified, a Replace Charter Adobe Sign form will be emailed to the appropriate officers for approval. Upon receiving the charter, the officers will need to obtain the electronic signatures of all officer(s)/advisor(s), including that of College Dean if the club is affiliated with their college. Once the chartering process is completed, the president will be notified by ASI Club Services by email.

Note: New officer(s)/advisor(s) will not be able to sign any paperwork until the Charter has been approved by the Clubs & Organizations Office. No requests (e.g., Club Payment Request Forms (PRFs), ASI Club Funding, E-Plans) can be processed until the Charter has been approved. Officers on the previous Charter may sign paperwork until either the previous Charter expires or until the new Charter is approved.

Note: As all clubs must have a president, treasurer, and advisor, the Replace Charter process cannot be used to remove those positions. Clubs must maintain a minimum of two officers and one advisor on the Charter at all times. 

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