Organization Changes

Bylaw Changes

Club presidents may submit revised bylaws by submitting a Bylaw Builder form. The form is available at

Officer Changes

Clubs may do the following without re-registering the organization:

  • Add a co-president
  • Replace a treasurer or add a co-treasurer
  • Replace an advisor or add a co-advisor

The Organization Change Form cannot be used to replace a President/Primary Contact. To replace a President/Primary Contact, the new officeholder must re-register the organization.

Step 1: Take the Online Training.

The new officer or advisor must complete the Officer Training.

Step 2: Submit an Organization Change Form.

The current president must submit an Organization Change Form. Please note that this link will only work for the club's current President/Primary Contact.

Step 3: Verification

Once Officer Training and the Organization Change Form are completed, the eligibility of the new officer(s) or advisor(s) will be verified. The forms will be approved and the officer or advisor will be added to the organization's roster in Cal Poly Now. Please allow up to five business days for this process.

Note: New officer(s)/advisor(s) will not be able to sign any paperwork until this information is updated in Engage. No requests (e.g., Purchase Requests, ASI Club Funding, E-Plans) can be processed until the Organization Change Form has been approved. 

Note: As all clubs must have a president, treasurer, and advisor, the Organization Change Form cannot be used to remove those positions. Clubs must maintain a minimum of two officers and one advisor at all times. 

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