ASI Club Funding

Terms of Funding

Clubs may apply for both ASI Club Sponsorship and ASI Event Co-Sponsorship funding with a maximum combined allotment of $1,650 per club per fiscal year (i.e., July – June). For example, if your organization requests $450 through ASI Club Sponsorship, your club is still eligible to apply for up to $1,200 in ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship for a maximum allotment of $1,650.

All ASI Club Funding must be reconciled by the last day of the academic year. After that date any remaining ASI Club Funding will be removed from the club’s account. Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis until all funds are exhausted.

ASI Club Funding

ASI Club Sponsorship ($450)

ASI Club Sponsorship Procedures & Application

Eligible clubs may apply for ASI Club Sponsorship to support the clubs mission, programs/ activities, and general operations that take place throughout the year. 

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship (up to $1,650)

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship Procedures & Application

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship is available at a maximum of $1,650 per fiscal year. Funding is available up to 50% of the costs associated with hosting an event (not to exceed $1,650 for a single event). ASI Club Sponsorship funds cannot be used to fund the remaining 50%. The $1,650 may be applied to one single event or multiple events. An application must be submitted for each event and the total awarded across all events may not exceed $1,650.

An ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship application must be submitted to ASI Club Services no later than 14 days prior to the event. An E-Plan must be on file prior to submission of an ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship application.

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship does not permit:

  • Expenditures to directly support or oppose any candidate for public office
  • Charitable donations
  • Alcohol
  • Door prizes, awards, gifts (including gift cards/certificates)
  • Sole use for transportation
  • Sole use for lodging


  1. Submit an E-Plan for your club event.
  2. Submit an ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship Applications to ASI Club Services at least 14 days prior to the Event.
  3. Your application will be reviewed by the student Government appointed ASI Club Funding Liaisons and either be approved or denied.
  4. Your club will be notified about the status of your application via email.
  5. If approved, your club will schedule an appointment to meet with an ASI Club Services to discuss the terms of the sponsorship.

ASI Club Sports Funding 

ASI Club Sport Funding Procedures

ASI Club Sport Funding Allocation Request

ASI Club Sport Funding Annual Report

ASI Club Sports Funding is available for currently chartered sport clubs that are recognized by the Club Sports Council. Funding is available to assist with the expenses associated with supporting the activities of the Club Sports program. Each organization that is granted ASI Club Sports Funding is ineligible to receive ASI Club Sponsorship or ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship. The Club Sports Council is ineligible to receive ASI Club Funding. The Club Sports Council will determine how much funding each individual sport club will receive.

To receive funding, the Club Sports Council must submit an ASI Club Sport Funding Allocation Request, containing the specific funding amount being requested and the tentative allocation amounts for each club sport and/or Club Sports Council’s administrative expenses. The allocation request must be submitted to the ASI Chair of the Board by the third week of winter quarter. For instance, requests for funding for the 2018-19 academic year must be made by the third week of winter quarter, 2018. The Club Sports Council must then submit a Club Sports Funding Allocation Report, containing specific funding amounts for each sport club recognized within the Club Sports Council to the Chair of the ASI Board of Directors by the last Board meeting of the academic year.

College Club Council Funding

College Club Council Funding Procedures & Application

ASI College Club Council Funding ($424.00 + $0.16 per student, per college) is available for currently chartered College Club Councils. College Club Councils are only eligible to receive ASI College Club Council Funding and are ineligible to receive ASI Club Sponsorship. College Club Councils are eligible to receive ASI College Club Council Funding with a maximum allotment of $424.00 + $0.16 per student per college per fiscal year.

ASI College Club Council Event Co-Sponsorship Procedures and Application

The ASI College Club Council Event Co-Sponsorship allots a maximum of $1,150 per college club council per fiscal year. To apply, your club must be a currently chartered Cal Poly College Club Council. Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs), Cal Poly RSOs and Cal Poly Club Sports are not eligible to receive ASI College Club Council Funding. College. More information can be found in the link above.


Chartered Cal Poly clubs are eligible to receive ASI Club Funding. Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs) and student-run organizations that receive other funds supported through mandatory student fees are not eligible for ASI Club Funding. 

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