Contracts & Insurance

Special Event Insurance: On Campus

If you are having your event on the Cal Poly campus and need additional insurance, Special Event Insurance may be procured through Cal Poly's Office of Risk Management.

Risk Management

Telephone: +1-805-756-6755 
Location: Building 1, Room 128

You can also use a third-party agency to insure your on-campus event if you prefer.

Special Event Insurance: Off Campus

Clubs can purchase insurance from any number of organizations, for off-campus events that require insurance.

The resources listed are for informational purposes only if your club seeks third-party insurance. Cal Poly does not endorse any specific agent or agency. Please feel free to utilize your own search for the most appropriate quote based on your upcoming event.

    Insurance - Local Office & Agents (San Luis Obispo County)

    Morris & Garritano

    1122 Laurel Lane
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
    Phone: 805-543-6887
    Fax: 805-543-3064

    Engle & Associates Insurance Brokers

    1236 Higuera St.
    San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401
    Phone: 805-781-6336
    Fax: 805-781-6339
    Toll-Free: 877-364-5380

    State Farm Insurance - Todd Thomas (Agent)

    1238 Marsh Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3326
    Office Phone: 805-543-0650
    Toll Free: 866-543-0650

    State Farms Insurance - Shari Robasciotti (Agent)

    1608 Johnson Avenue
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3037
    Office Phone: 805-546-8393
    Fax: 805-546-0289

    Insurance - Online Resources

    Special Event Insurance Quotes

    Online Resources:


    A contract is an agreement between a club and a service provider that documents the terms of the relationship.

    Clubs and ISOs are responsible for signing their own contracts and service agreements. The University does not sign contracts for clubs and organizations.

    • Protect your club.
    • Ensure clear understanding regarding the terms of agreement.

    Club Contracting for Services

    When a club enters into an agreement with a vendor or service provider it is important to document the terms of the relationship in the form of a contract. Documentation protects the club while also ensuring that there are no misunderstandings regarding the terms of the agreement. Club Officers and/or members are responsible for signing their own contracts and service agreements. The University does not sign contracts on behalf of clubs, nor does the University advisor.

    Club Contracts: University Review

    However, prior to signing a contract related to an on-campus E-Plan event or activity, all contracts for services that will be provided on campus must be submitted to ASI Club Services for review by the University. All contracts will be logged and routed to the appropriate campus entity for review. All contracts must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date to allow time for review. Contracts will only be processed if an E-Plan has been submitted.

    Club Contracts Requiring Special Insurance

    The University’s general liability insurance does not provide coverage to clubs and their members for their events and activities, whether on or off-campus, whether registered through the E-Plan process or not. Clubs may purchase their own insurance or may purchase special events coverage through the University’s third party provider for on-campus events only.

    Depending on the nature of the event, the review process for a contract requiring special insurance may take 30-90 days.

    Note: Contracts for certain events will not be approved by the University. Should the contract not be approved, the club will be contacted by the Dean of Students Office with further instructions.

    ISOs are required to submit E-Plans for on-campus events and meetings only. All other Clubs are required to submit E-Plans for on or off campus events and meetings.


    1. Obtain a contract from your service provider.
    2. A club officer or advisor must initial any areas where the Cal Poly representative will sign, proving that he or she has read the terms of agreement.
    3. Submit the contract to ASI Club Services at least two weeks prior to your event. NOTE: An E-Plan must be on file prior to submitting a contract.
    4. ASI Club services will route the contract to the Office of Contracts and Procurement, who will approve or deny it.
    5. Once the contract has been returned from the Office of Contracts and Procurement, ASI Club Services will notify the Club President that the signed contract has been placed in your club mailbox.  It is the club's responsibility to distribute it to your service provider.

    Payment Request Form for Contracts

    When paying a vendor or service provider based on a contract, the following documentation must be submitted with your Club PRF:

    • An approved contract signed by the appropriate vendor representative and club officer detailing:
      • Payee contact information
      • Item(s) and/or service(s) being purchased
      • Payment terms as specified in the contract
      • Amount due as specified in the contract
    • IRS Form W-9 (A vendor’s W-9 must be on file with ASI Club Services in order to issue payment. Contact ASI Club Services to see if a W-9 is needed from your vendor or if one is already on file.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know what to look for in a contract?

    Using the resources provided in this guide, consult the glossary of terms that you have questions about. Resources have been provided to better understand how to read a contract.

    Who should I consult about the contract?

    The best person to consult is the sales agent at the venue where you plan to host your event.

    When do I need Special Event Insurance?

    This is determined by the contract and the venue. The venue will determine if special event insurance is required. Venues can either have their own insurance or may require an insurance certificate. National sponsoring organizations can also provide insurance for clubs.

    If your event requires special event insurance, please contact a third party issuer.

    How much does Special Events Insurance cost?

    Special Event Insurance costs vary and are usually just a few hundred dollars. Special Event insurance estimates can be obtained by contacting an insurance agent or researching a quote online.

    Is there financial assistance available for the cost of Special Event Insurance?

    Yes, ASI Student Government has established funding specifically to assist clubs in the cost of Special Event Insurance. ASI Club Event Insurance Assistance may be applied for up to 6 times per fiscal year (2 times per quarter) at $250 each for a total of $1,500.

    Visit the ASI Club Funding page.

    Terms of Funding:

    • ASI Club Event Insurance Assistance can fund up to 100 percent of the total eligible event insurance not to exceed $250 per event and $1,500 per fiscal year
      • Insurance premiums exceeding $250 will be the financial responsibility of the club.
    • Clubs are Eligible for ASI Club Event Insurance Assistance for no more than two events in an academic quarter.
    • If a club is using ASI Club Event Insurance Assistance funds for more than one events, an application for each event must be completed and submitted to ASI Club Services.
    • ASI reserves the right to disqualify any club from applying for ASI Club Event Insurance indefinitely for attempts to defraud or deceive.

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