Alumni Engagement Guide

We encourage you to build relationships with alumni. Here are some ways you can effectively engage alumni in your group, club, or organization’s ongoing activities.

Determine how you want to engage with alumni

  • Events, conferences, meetings
    Alumni love to come back and speak to students, lead sessions, and facilitate discussions. 
  • Mentorship and volunteering
    Would your group benefit from career mentors, or having alumni come back to volunteer at an event? 
  • Meeting with companies
    If your organization is related to a profession, are there companies that you would like to meet with or potentially visit for a tour?

Create a list of potential engagement opportunities

  1. Put together a list of opportunities
    At the beginning of each quarter send a list of potential opportunities or ideas to the Clubs and Organizations office. 
  2. Clubs and Organizations will connect alumni to your organization
    After reviewing your list of opportunities, Cal Poly offices that frequently engage with alumni will work to find the appropriate Alumni to connect to your clubs
  3. Keep an alumni contact list
    Share the contact list with the Clubs and Organizations Office at the end of the year so the information can be passed on to future club members.



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