Use of Cal Poly Name and Marks

Use of the university’s name is a privilege reserved by law to the university and organizations officially recognized and authorized by the university and may not be used to imply, either directly or indirectly, the university’s endorsement, support, favor, association with, or opposition to an organization, product or service without the permission of the university (see CAP 145). This includes but is not limited to use of the university name or marks in printed, electronic, or other such media. Unauthorized uses may constitute a violation of state law, trademark, and/or copyright infringement. 

See the RSO Handbook for more information.

Cal Poly Logo Guidelines for Club Use

In addition, take time to view the Trademark Licensing Guidelines.

Cal Poly requires any merchandise or items displaying the marks (i.e., name, symbol, brand, or logo) of the University to be purchased from a licensed vendor. The following includes examples of Cal Poly marks that require approval:

  • Cal Poly
  • California Polytechnic State University
  • Cal Poly website (i.e.
  • Cal Poly email (i.e.
  • Cal Poly abbreviations (e.g., CP, Poly)
  • Mustangs
  • Musty the Mustang Logo

Note: Failure to use a properly licensed vendor may lead to suspended privileges and/or not receiving reimbursement for unapproved purchases.

Student Organization Merchandise Approval Process

Step 1: Select Vendor

Step 2: Design Artwork

Step 3: Obtain Initial Approval

  • Complete and submit the online Trademark Licensing Request Form.
  • When revisions are complete, University Marketing verifies the vendor and provides initial approval by sending an email to students and ASI to proceed.

Step 4: Order

  • Upon email receipt, the student notifies the vendor to proceed with the order.
  • The vendor submits artwork through the licensing system for final University Marketing approval.
  • University Marketing verifies artwork and the vendor notifies the student when final approval is obtained and the order is complete.

Step 5: Reimbursement

  • Clubs may submit for reimbursement from ASI for merchandise expenses.
  • Submit a Purchase Request for your merchandise to ASI Club Services with your proof of approval attached. The Purchase Request includes an additional question regarding the use of Cal Poly marks. If the purchases being paid/reimbursed for on the Purchase Request include the use of any Cal Poly marks, it must be indicated.

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