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What are Club Sports?

A Club Sport is a recognized student organization (RSO) formed by individuals with a common interest in a competitive sports activity that exists to promote, develop interest, and/or compete in that particular way. Separate from recreational RSOs, Club Sports are recognized by the Club Sports Council.

Characterized by being student-initiated and student-run, the basic structure of club sports allows members numerous opportunities for leadership and decision-making.

Who is eligible to join Club Sports at Cal Poly?

All matriculated students enrolled at Cal Poly State University are eligible to join any club. Graduate students may be restricted from league or association competitions. A member is not eligible to practice or compete until the membership registration process has been complete.

Intercollegiate athletes are not eligible to participate in Club Sports.

How do I become a part of a club?

Interested students should contact individual team representatives for more information on each club. Contact information can be found on Cal Poly Now.

What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramurals?

Club Sports are led and organized by students. Team practices, meetings, competitions, budgets, and fundraisers are organized, managed, and led by club officers and club members. Club Sports teams practice multiple times per week and many travel to compete against other schools' Club Sports teams.

Intramurals are run by ASI and consist of groups of Cal Poly students that compete against each other in organized leagues and tournaments within the Cal Poly community on a more recreational level.

What is the difference between a Club Sports and a varsity athletic team?

Club Sports are student-run organizations. They range from competitive to recreational to instructional and are funded by the ASI Board of Directors, club fundraisers, donations, and membership dues. Clubs compete against other university club teams across the nation, sometimes competing against NCAA varsity teams.

Varsity Sports are managed by Cal Poly Athletics and compete in sanctioned NCAA competition.

Do I need experience to participate?

Not necessarily. Many of the clubs recruit athletes of any skill level and are willing to teach newcomers their sport.

Does Club Sports conduct try-outs?

Because of the competitive nature of many of the clubs, joining some Club Sports includes a try-out process. For information on a specific team, contact a team representative through Cal Poly Now.

Does Club Sports charge membership dues?

All of the teams in the Cal Poly Club Sports program charge membership dues for all participants. Amounts vary from team to team and each team can have varying membership costs each year. For specific charges for individual teams, contact the team you are interested in joining.

How are Club Sports funded?

Club Sports are partially funded through student fees. Cal Poly's ASI Board of Directors allocates these fee monies to the Club Sports Council, which is the governing body for Club Sports. Clubs also fund their activities through fundraisers, donations, and membership dues.

Where is the Club Sports office located?

Club Sports is a department of Leadership & Service, a unit within Cal Poly Student Affairs. Our office is located on the second floor of the University Union (Bldg. 65) in room 203.

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