About Us

The Clubs and Organizations Office, a department within Cal Poly Student Affairs, officially recognizes student clubs and organizations. We partner with ASI Club Services in administering club services and support, and the recognition and events process. 

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) must follow the policies in Campus Administrative Policy 620 and Executive Order 1068: Student Activities.

Clubs & Organizations Office

The Clubs & Organizations Office is responsible for:

  • Event approval
  • Risk assessment
  • Club policies
  • Policy enforcement
  • Recognition of student organizations

Contact clubs@calpoly.edu for assistance.

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

ASI is a partner with the University, charged with administering day-to-day club operations. How they serve you:

  • Serves as the customer service point-of-contact for club operations
  • Works with ASI Student Government in the allocation of ASI Club Funding
  • Facilitates the E-Plan process

Contact asiclubservices@calpoly.edu or asieplan@calpoly.edu for assistance.

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