Club Training

Officer Training

Presidents, treasurers, and advisors are required to complete Officer Training annually.   Officer Training is valid from the date completed through the following period:

  • Recognized Student Organizations (non-FSL): through October 15th 
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life: through January 1st 

All Presidents, Co-Presidents, Treasurers, Advisors, and Co-Advisors must complete the stand-alone Officer Training.

  • Allow 30 minutes.
    The training takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • You can pause it.
    The training does not have to be completed during one session. To resume the training, click on your profile picture in Cal Poly Now and select Submissions to access the training in progress.
  • All three positions are required.
    The organization's re-registration cannot be verified or approved until the treasurer and advisor both complete training.

Online Training FAQs

Is there a deadline for re-registering my organization?

Recognized Student Organizations (non-FSL) should re-register before October 15th. 

Fraternity & Sorority Life chapters should re-register before Saturday, January 1st.

Organizations that do not register by these deadlines will be frozen. Until your club is re-activated, you won't be able to operate with the benefits that accompany becoming an RSO. Until the training is complete and your re-registration has been approved, your club won't be able to: 

  • submit or electronically sign any paperwork, including reimbursements
  • submit events
  • apply for ASI Club Funding or Event Co-Sponsorship
  • show up in the Organization Directory.

Clubs that do not reactivate within 14 days of becoming frozen will have any previously-scheduled events canceled. 

Do advisors have to take the training?


All advisors, new and returning, must complete the full Officer Training annually.

Why is there a training?

It's required, and it's designed to help you.

Officer Training is one of the Executive Orders required of all CSUs. Cal Poly Clubs & Organizations officially recognizes Cal Poly clubs based on university standards and requirements, which include a current registration. In order to remain active (e.g. access club funds, receive ASI Club Funding, submit E-Plans), all presidents, treasurers, and advisors must complete the online training annually, and every club must re-register each year.

There's helpful information in the training which you will need to be able to run your club.

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