Event Plans (E-Plans) & Scheduling

Note: Club Events Canceled

Out of an abundance of caution and care, all club events and travel are canceled, regardless of the event location or the expected group size.

For more information on pandemic planning at Cal Poly, visit: https://coronavirus.calpoly.edu/


Clubs and organizations are responsible for their own events and activities. The following information is provided so that you can plan events that are safe and successful.

How E-Plans Work

Any club member is able to create an E-Plan.

For every club event, on or off campus, an E-Plan is required. ASI is a partner with the university to facilitate the E-plans process. An E-Plan serves as a tool for campus entities to coordinate and accommodate multiple campus events and assess each event for risk. All club events and meeting requests will be submitted via an E-Plan online. Any club member is able to create an E-Plan. The president and advisor will then be notified of the request via email and will be required to approve the request before it can be processed.

The E-Plan contains multiple deadlines, determined by the event’s requirements and location.


E-Plan PowerPoint

View the E-Plan training slides

E-Plan PowerPoint





Event Timeline Requirements

Some events take more time to plan for than others. An event may require 3 business days, 7 days, or 14 days based on event needs.

Note: There are no longer three types of E-Plans, but timelines are still necessary to prepare for your event and obtain necessary campus approvals. 

3 Business Days

The E-Plan must be submitted and approved by the club president and advisor online at least three business days prior to the date requested for the following:

  • General meetings (2 hrs. or less) - Classrooms or UU Conference Rooms
  • Sandwich Boards or Tri-fold Displays - Information Tables or Booths (campus wide)
  • Events involving:
    • Amplified sound or music
    • Parking permits
    • Renting equipment
    • Chalking (campus wide)


7 Days

The E-Plan must be submitted and approved by the club president and advisor online a minimum of seven calendar days prior to the date requested for the following:

  • On-campus events and meetings (any length of time)
  • Events involving:
    • Food or drink
    • Sale of merchandise
    • Amplified sound/music
    • Chalking
    • Renting equipment
    • Showing a film/video
    • Use of Cal Poly names, symbols or marks  


    14 Days

    The E-Plan must be submitted and approved by the club president and advisor online a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the date requested for the following:

    • Off-campus events
    • Events located in:
      • Chumash Auditorium
      • UU 220
      • UU Plaza Stage
      • Performing Arts Center
      • Spanos Theater
      • Mott Complex
      • Recreation Center
      • Sports Complex
    • On-campus events involving:
      • ASI Staffing
      • Contracts
      • Paid Service Providers (such as guest speakers)

    The Process

    Brief Guideline

    1. Check location availability at events.calpoly.edu
    2. File your E-Plan at asi.calpoly.edu/eplans
    3. The Club president and advisor approves the E-Plan.
    4. The E-Plan is processed and routed for campus approval.
    5. Other on-campus entities approve the E-Plan (if applicable).
    6. The club receives a final confirmation.

    Initiating the E-Plan

    The E-Plan can be found on the E-Plans section of the ASI Cal Poly website. After selecting “E-Plans,” the club member will be directed to the Cal Poly portal to authenticate their signature. Once authenticated, they will be routed to the E-Plan. To start a new E-Plan, select “Create a New E-Plan.”

    Obtain Required Approvals

    While any club member may initiate an E-Plan, the E-Plan requires approval from the president and advisor listed on the current Charter. Once an E-Plan has been created, a notification will be electronically sent to the president requesting approval.  

    • Once the president has approved the E-Plan, a notification will be electronically sent to the advisor requesting approval. The purpose of the advisor’s approval is to keep them informed about club event details. Once the advisor has approved the E-Plan, ASI Facility Scheduling will process the request. Final approval may take several weeks.

    Note: The club president and/or advisor must approve the E-Plan prior to the specified deadline. If the E-Plan is not approved within the deadline, it will not be processed and a new E-Plan will need to be submitted with alternative event dates. Although some requests require shorter deadlines, it is highly recommended to plan ahead.

    Checking the Status of an E-Plan

    The online E-Plan database allows you to check the status of an E-Plan that you have previously submitted or approved. To do so, locate your event and double click the status bar for specific information as to the status of the request.

    Status: Pending President’s Approval

    When looking at the status bar, if no bars have been filled, the E-Plan has been submitted to the president for approval, but has not yet been approved.

    Status: Pending Advisor’s Approval

    When one status bar has been filled, the president has approved the request, and it has been sent to the advisor for approval.  

    Status: Sent to ASI Facility Scheduling

    When two status bars have been filled, the president and advisor have approved the request, and it has been sent to ASI Facility Scheduling for processing.  

    Status: Space Assignment

    ASI Facility Scheduling has received your E-Plan and entered your request into the campus wide scheduling software. The request for space is currently pending approval.

    Status: Pending Campus Approvals 

    New feature: this is now broken down, showing status of approval from each entity.

    When three status bars have been filled, the ASI Facility Scheduling staff has entered the E-Plan into the facility scheduling system, however they are waiting for confirmation from other on-campus entities (e.g., Campus Catering, PAC, and UPD) before the E-Plan can be confirmed.

    Status: Confirmed 

    When all four boxes of the Status Bar have been filled, the E-Plan has been confirmed. This means that the event may go forward, and all requirements have been met and arranged.  

    Status: Denied 

    When any step in the E-Plan process has been denied, a red box will appear in the status bar. The club will need to submit a revised E-Plan with corrections to further proceed with the event.

    The E-Plan has been denied by the president, advisor, or Facility Scheduling. It has not been entered into the scheduling software or routed for campus approvals.

    Note: The status of approval or denial of campus requirements will be visible under "Campus Entity Approval." 

    ASI Facility Reservations (E-Plan Assistance)

    Phone: 805-756-7587
    Fax: 805-756-7121
    Email ASI Facility Reservations: asieplan@calpoly.edu

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