Club Risk Assessment

When planning an event, it is important to consider all of the inherent risks associated with the event. Some examples of inherent risk include:

  • Alcohol
  • Minors Attending
  • Animals
  • Location
  • Headcount of Participants
  • Nature of the Activity


Release of Liability Form

Clubs are responsible for their own activities and assume complete responsibility and liability for their activities. ASI and the University do not provide liability/accident/medical insurance for clubs and club members. Clubs may purchase their own liability insurance or special events insurance through the University’s third-party provider if the events are on campus. If an individual is injured or causes personal or property damages or other injuries at a club event, that individual is personally responsible for any related expenses and damages. When clubs sponsor activities with the potential for injuries and/or damages, participants are required to complete a Release of Liability, Promise Not to Sue, Assumption of Risk, and Agreement to Pay Claims form. (University Release Agreement 22 form aka Release of Liability Form.) The Release of Liability form serves two important purposes: it notifies the participant that liability/accident/medical insurance is not provided for the activity and it clarifies the responsibility of the individual, the university, and the club. Release of Liability forms can be filled out at the event site but must be completed prior to the individual participating in the activity.

A Release of Liability form does not release clubs from the responsibility of providing a safe environment for the activity.

Off-Campus Activities

Clubs are required to submit an E-Plan for off-campus events. Failure to abide by this guideline will result in the withdrawal of recognition or other appropriate sanctions.

Open Bodies of Water

Events that take place on open bodies of water are only allowed under contract with a licensed third-party vendor with appropriate insurance.

Ineligible Off-Campus Events and Activities

Due to their high-risk nature, certain activities are not permitted to occur as club events. Ineligible activities include, but are not limited to, wine tasting, events at student private residences, and helicopter rides. Clubs and Organizations staff will determine on behalf of the university whether an event or activity is deemed too risky on a case-by-case basis.

Insurance on Equipment or Borrowed Items

ASI and the university do not have insurance coverage for equipment or other items borrowed for use by a club. Clubs have a responsibility to ensure that they are trained to use any rented equipment and to follow safety procedures.

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